The Murder of Amily Knir

Dec 2011

When Amily Knir was younger she used to talk to people, people who weren't there. At first, her parents found it cute, after all, many young children had Imaginary Friends. Though, as Amily grew older she did not grow out of her imaginary friends as most children did. She kept talking to the voices, so much that it reached the point where her own parents were beginning to suspect that she was not as normal as they had once thought.

One quiet day, in the December of Amily's tenth birthday, her parents sat her down at the table. Politely, they asked her to stop talking to the voices; to her imaginary friends. Amily agreed surprisingly easily, and her parents were relieved. The relief did not last long though, for after Amily stopped talking to the voices she started talking less and less to everyone else, until one day she stopped talking all together.

Now Amily's parents were worried more than ever, and so they took her to a doctor. The doctor ran all sorts of tests on Amily, but the only conclusion he could come up with was that Amily had gone completely deaf. It was unusual for an otherwise healthy ten and a half year old girl to go deaf, but then again, unusual things happen. Amily rejected attempts of being taught sign language, and lived her last four years with absolutely no communication with the world outside her mind. Slowly, Amily began to slip away.

In Amily's last few weeks her eyes grew hollow, she did not sleep and ate little. In the last week of her life she even refused to leave her room. She was found dead, with a wound to her neck and a stab to the chest . A pocket knife lay on the floor by her body, it was covered in her blood and the fingers of her left hand softly touched the blade. When the paramedics responded to Amily's parents call, they told her that Amily must have been a very strong willed person to have killed herself in that manner, and it is said that when they lifted her body, whispers could be heard escaping her wounds.

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